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Sidestream Introduction
The model CMY*** is a stable and reliable end-tidal CO2 module with high integrity, developed by CapnoMed Medical Co.,Ltd., adopting the non-dispersive infrared technology with two wavebands, the latest microprocessor and digital signal processing technique, and proven concentration algorithm. The module can accurately measure the concentration of the end-tidal CO2, the concentration of the inhaled CO2, respiratory rate, etc. with the CO2 curve diagram in a fast and exact manner. The model BA220 is perfectly applicable to person at different age group, such as baby, child and adult. The sampling flow rate is setup on the upper computer, and the minimum rate can be lowered to 50ml/min. The standard RS232 communication interface can help to quickly integrate the model KH*** with the monitor or other medical systems which need CO2.Characteristics


  • Long-term stability, non-dispersive infrared technology with two wavebands
  • Long service life, infrared black body light source with MEMS
  • Accurate Results, with built-in temperature, atmospheric pressure, compensation algorithm for the balance gas
  • Calibration-free, patented calibration algorithm without the need for calibration
  • Low sampling flow rate, the minimum sampling flow rate 50ml/min
  • Easy to operate, plug-in measure
  • Low cost in usage and storage


  • Respiration rate range: 2~150 breath/minute
  • Electric power supply: DC 5V
  • Power Consumption: 1.2W
  • Usage Environment: 0~40℃, 10~90% RH, without condensation
  • Storage Environment: -40~70℃, <90% RH, without condensation