Disposable Airway Adapter for Infant

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One Comment on "Disposable Airway Adapter for Infant"

    Dear Sir,

    We have a requirement of following Spares for ventilators

    It is requested to please quote including following information.

    1. Delivery Period of Quoted Items.
    2. Validity Period of Quotation.
    4. All Necessary Literature.
    5. Warranty of Quoted Items.
    6. Country of Origin for Quoted Items.

    Sr.# Description Qty
    01 Autoclavable reusable patient tubing circuit for Neonates 45 Nos
    02 Autoclavable reusable patient tubing circuit for Peads 45 Nos
    03 Autoclavable reusable patient tubing circuit for Adults 45 Nos
    04 Capnography adaptor disposable for adults 300 Nos
    05 Capnography adaptor disposable for Peads 300 Nos
    06 Capnography adaptor disposable for Neonates 300 Nos

    Best Regards
    Ali Hamza
    For Khawaja (CEO)

    Adresse: 1st. Floor, Sadid Plaza
    21-C, Main Commercial Area, Canal View Society
    Multan Road, LAHORE-53700, PAKISTAN
    Tel: +92-42-35297909-10
    Fax: +92-42-35297911
    E-mail: hamza@sadidians.com
    E-mail: khawaja@sadidians.com
    Web: http://www.sadidians.com

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