FAQ list for ETCO2 Sensor

1.  Q: What are the requirements for the daily dimension of the CO2 module?

A: The CO2 sidestream module and the mainstream module of the Capnomed are not required to do any calibration in the process of daily use. We do range                  calibration  when the products leave the factory, and our design ensures that the measurement accuracy meets the requirements within the life cycle.


2.   Q: What is zeroing? When should we make zero?

A: When the mainstream module is connected to the monitor for the first time, it must make zero. When replacing the adapter type of the mainstream module, for       example, changing the disposable airway adapter to a reusable airway adapter, zeroing must be done. It is also recommended to make zero when replacing disposable airway adapters, but it is not necessary. The mainstream module is not allowed to make zero when there is no adapter or sidestream module without connecting the gas circuit. In the process of zeroing, people must ensure that there is no CO2 enter the zeroing gas circuit, including the CO2 of the patient’s exhaled breath. The zeroing takes about 15-20 seconds each time.


3.  Q: Is zeroing and calibration the same?

A: Zeroing is not calibration. For the mainstream module, the zeroing is to eliminate the impact of the replacement adapter on the results of the measurement, because the disposable adapters and the reusable adapter windows are different. For the sidestream module, the zeroing is to eliminate the difference of the water filter and the influence of the difference of the sampling gas circuit on the measurement result.


4.  Q: How to clean the CO2 mainstream module?

A: After the power off the CO2 mainstream module, the CO2 mainstream module should cool down at least 30 minutes. The following is a requirement for cleanliness. Damage caused by illegal cleaning will not be covered by our company’s warranty.




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