Smart Wristbands /Barcelet

Heart Rate/BP Monitor

 Type Details Description
Product Structure Product type  Smart Bracelet
Size 47*21.2*12.2mm
Weight 26g
Display Display size 0.96TFT
Resolution 80*160
Battery Size 401525
Capackth 120mAh
Material Body PC
Bottom Shell PC
 Strap TPU
 Hardware parameter
Type  Details  Description
CPU  type nRF52832
Heart Rate Continuous heart rate PD70(Automatically test 1 time in 10 minutes)
ROM  Flash Flash 512kB
Accelerometer G-sensor KX023-1025
vibration  motor 0820 Welding wire
Bluetooth  Build in BLE4.0
Charger interface Power USB
 Button Touch Single touch
Android system version 4.4.4 above
 ios system version 8.0 above
 Type  Details Description
Software Function  Time yes
 Step yes
Calories yes
 Distance yes
Raise hand to screen yes
 Sleep Mornitoring yes
 Sport tracker yes
Call Reminder yes
 Message  Reminder yes
Sedentary Remind yes
 Alarm Reminder yes
Do Not Disturb no
 Shake a picture yes
 Find Barcelet yes
Dial Display yes
Integer measuring yes
 Wechat Movement yes
Continuous heart rate yes
Continuous heart rate Automatically test 1 time in 10 minutes
Blood Pressure yes
 Blood Oxygen no
ECG no
 Apple Health no
weekly Health no
Bluetooth name W8
 Language Font Languaage(Multinational)
 App name HBand
 Charging Method USB
  OTA Upgrade yes
Waterproofing  waterproofling level IP67
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