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L-fitting connector can be used in a lot of occasions, and it is mainly applied to ETCO2 sampling in CapnoMed .  when intubated patients is sampling CO2, the L-fitting can be connected to the pipe of anesthesia machine or breathing machine. Then the extended sampling line sends a little of gas to a monitor to survey. L-fitting Connector can be reused (actually it is disposable in some developped countries). Before it is reused, it must be disinfected. Once the connector is aging due to long-time disinfection, it must be replaced immediately.



 The Water Filter is intended for docking with Receptacle and connecting to an  Sampling Line in a sidestream gas monitoring system. 
•The Water Filter Includes  a hydrophobic fiber to protects the Multigas Analyzer from humidity, secretions, bacterial contamination and dust.
•The Water Filter has the ability to remove water and moisture from the gas sample flow,to provide extended and accurate performance in demanding clinical applications.
•The Water Filter has very little dead space, to provide more accurate performance at higher breath rates, a tangible advantage when used in neonatal applications