MEMO ETCO2 Capnograph

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Product Name: Memo ETCO2 Capnograph ( Mini Capnograph)

Model No. : CMZ60MEMO

Technical Specification

Description Compact, battery powered, quantitative capnograph for mainstream CO2 monitoring of adult, pediatric and infant patients.。
Measurements CO2 partial pressure and respiratory rate
Measuring principle 2 channel NDIR type gas analyzer,No moving parts
Warm up Waveform displayed within 10 seconds, meets specifications within 2 minutes (at 25°C room temperature)
Calibration No routine calibration required
CO2 Range 0~99 mmHg

0~9.9 %

0~9.9 kPa

CO2 Resolution 1mmHg or 0.1kPa or 0.1%
CO2 accuracy 0~40mmHg       ±2 mmHg

41~99mmHg      ±8% of readings

When RR is above 80 bpm     ±12% of readings

Drift of CO2 measurement


Short drift: Less than 1 mmHg offset in 4 hours

Long drift: Meet measurement accuracy requirements within 120 hours

CO2 noise Noise RMS less than 1mmHg at 5% CO2
Total system response time Less than 500ms
Recovery time after

defibrillator test

Respiratory rate 3~150 bpm
Respiratory rate accuracy ±1 bpm
ETCO2 Calculation Method Peak of the expired CO2 waveform
Compensation Built-in atmospheric pressure sensor, automatic pressure compensation
Display 128 *128 pixels 1.44 inch TFT color display
Dimensions 51 x 43 x 45 mm
Weight <65 g  (Included batteries)
Mechanical robustness Withstands repeated 1 m drops.

Meets the shock and vibration requirements for transport of

EN ISO 80601-2-55:2011 clause and

EN 1789:2007 clause and 6.4.1.

Operating conditions Temperature:0 – 40 ℃

Humidity:<90% (non-condensing)

Atmospheric pressure:50-120 kPa

Storage conditions Temperature:-20 – 70 ℃

Humidity:<95% (non-condensing)

Atmospheric pressure:50-120 kPa

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