Humidifier Chamber

【Indications】 Used together with Fisher&Paykel or RESPIRCARE humidification therapy apparatus and breathing circuit to warm and humidify dry and cold gas to provide patients with appropriate breathing gas.

【Structure and Components】 The device consists of exhaust needle, infusion tube, heating plate, chamber, dust cover, Robert clip, float and baffle.

【Product Features】 For product features and further information, please consult the manufacturer or your local sales company.

【Directions for Use】 1. Install the humidifier chamber on the humidification therapy apparatus, hang the prepared liquid bottle (distilled water or water for injection) on the rod 0.5m higher than the vertical distance of the humidifier chamber, and then insert the filling needle (cap removal) of the humidifier chamber into the liquid bottle for 2-3cm. 2. Open the vent cap on the side of the filling needle, and press the drip pot under the filling needle with your fingers to help the air in the pot to be discharged. Press a few more times until the automatic liquid adding device starts to add liquid normally (it can be seen that the water in the drip pot is streamline or dense dripping water). 3. After the above operation, the drip pot still cannot be in streamline or dense dripping state. Use the exhaust needle, remove the protective sleeve, insert the needle into the liquid bottle to assist the air in the pot to discharge. 4. After about 3-5 minutes of liquid addition, the water in the humidifier chamber reaches the maximum water level, and the automatic liquid adding device automatically closes the water inlet (the water in the drip pot is almost stagnant). 5. Connect the high flow breathing circuit with the humidification therapy apparatus. 6. After installing the components according to the above steps, turn on the power switch of the humidification therapy apparatus and operate according to the instructions of the humidification therapy apparatus. 7. If it needs to be replaced, please install it according to the above steps; If disassembly is needed, please turn off the power supply of the humidification therapy apparatus first, and then remove the circuit and humidifier chamber from the humidification therapy apparatus.

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