Qinhuangdao Kapunuomaite Medical Equipment S & T Co.,Ltd.
Qinhuangdao Kapunuomaite Medical Equipment S & T Co.,Ltd.
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Company Profile

Qinhuangdao Kapunuomaite Medical Equipment S&T Co., Ltd (Capnomed Medical) established in 2016. 

It focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of EtCO2 technology and EtCO2 consumables.

In 2019, it passed ISO 13485 and CE certification, and its products cover EtCO2 monitoring, breath sampling, HFNC, rehabilitation consumables, etc. At the same time, it has domestic and international registration certification and main market access qualifications, providing professional, fast and reliable services for users from all over the world.

  • Since 2008

    Specializing in the research, production, and sale of infrared gas analysis equipment.

  • 40+/200+

    Serving over 200 dealers across more than 40 nations and territories.

  • 20,000 square feet

    A manufacturing facility spanning two thousand square meters.

Company Culture

Our History

  • July 2008

    Transitioned from developing industrial infrared gas analyzers to medical infrared gas analyzers.

  • February 2010

    Development of the medical infrared carbon dioxide analyzer (EtCO2 SENSOR) completed.

  • April 2010

    Mass production of EtCO2 SENSOR commenced.

  • October 2015

    Development of the medical infrared carbon dioxide monitor (EtCO2 Monitor) completed.

  • December 2016

    A new company focusing on overseas business was established.

  • March 2017

    Initiated CE product and system 13485 certification.

  • May 2017

    Handheld carbon dioxide and oxygen monitor project launched.

  • October 2019

    CE product and system 13485 certification completed.

  • December 2019

    Initiated CFDA product and system certification.

  • January 2020

    Domestic business department established.

  • February 2020

    High-flow nasal cannula HFNC project and heated pipeline project completed.

  • April 2020

    Development of handheld carbon dioxide and oxygen monitor completed.

  • November 2020

    Development and production of end-tidal carbon dioxide collection/oxygen tube project completed.

  • May 2021

    Development of carbon dioxide monitoring system completed.

  • June 2021

    Initiated registration for the new EU standard MDR.

  • 2022 To Present

    New product development and iteration of existing products are underway. Stay tuned.

We follow what is clear, excel in our work, adhere to our path, and devote ourselves to our cause.

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