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A T-type sampling line is a type of tubing used in sidestream capnography monitoring. It has a "T" shape, with one end connected to the patient's airway, and the other split into two branches. One branch is used for gas sampling, drawing a small sample of the patient's exhaled breath, while the other branch is used for the delivery of supplemental oxygen or other gases.

The T-type sampling line allows for simultaneous gas sampling and delivery, maintaining patient ventilation while monitoring CO2 levels.

Types of T-type Sampling Line

What is the Use of Co2 Sampling Line?

The CO2 sampling line, also known as a capnography sampling line or cannula, is used during anesthesia or ventilation procedures to collect a sample of the patient's exhaled breath for analysis of carbon dioxide (CO2) levels. It is connected to a capnography monitor or analyzer, allowing real-time measurement and monitoring of end-tidal CO2 (EtCO2). This enables healthcare professionals to assess the patient's ventilation, respiratory status, and the effectiveness of gas exchange. The CO2 sampling line is an essential component in capnography monitoring, providing valuable information for appropriate patient care.

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