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The MEMO Portable Capnograph Monitor is a compact device used for measuring end-tidal carbon dioxide (EtCO2) levels in a patient's breath. It provides real-time monitoring of EtCO2 levels, helping healthcare professionals assess the patient's respiratory status and the effectiveness of ventilation. The portable design allows for easy transport and use in various healthcare settings.

Types of MEMO Portable Capnograph Monitor

What is the Purpose of Portable Capnography?

It is to provide real-time monitoring of a patient's respiratory status, specifically by measuring the levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in their breath. This non-invasive monitoring technique helps healthcare professionals in various settings such as emergency departments, intensive care units, and ambulances to assess the patient's ventilation, perfusion, and metabolism. It allows for early detection of respiratory complications, such as hypoventilation or airway obstruction, and aids in optimizing ventilation parameters to ensure adequate gas exchange. Portable capnography helps improve patient safety and can be used in both adults and pediatric patients.

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