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A nasal oral cannula sampling line is a type of tubing used in capnography monitoring. It combines both nasal and oral sampling capabilities, allowing the sampling of respiratory gases from both the nostrils and mouth. This type of sampling line provides flexibility and accuracy in monitoring end-tidal carbon dioxide (EtCO2) levels during anesthesia or ventilation, ensuring comprehensive assessment of respiratory status and patient well-being.

Types of Nasal Oral Cannula Sampling Line

What are the Advantages of Nasal Cannula?

  • Easy to wear and comfortable for the patient.

  • Allows for normal eating, drinking, and talking while in use.

  • Offers a constant low-flow oxygen supply.

  • Provides a secure fit and minimal irritation to the nasal passage.

  • Can be used for long-term oxygen therapy at home or in healthcare facilities.

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