Qinhuangdao Kapunuomaite Medical Equipment S & T Co.,Ltd.
Qinhuangdao Kapunuomaite Medical Equipment S & T Co.,Ltd.

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Social Responsibility

  • Capnomed Medical Social Responsibility

    Adhering to the original intention of bringing high-quality products and services to our customers, we persist in the principles of people-oriented, quality first, attention to detail, and continuous improvement in the pursuit of valuable innovation. We take our work seriously and are not afraid to take responsibility. While creating benefits for society, we realize our original ideals and demonstrate our value.

Research & Development

  • Capnomed Medical Research & Development

    We started with infrared gas analysis technology and from there developed medical carbon dioxide analysis equipment and its accessories. After our initial products received market recognition and feedback, we continued to develop portable, handheld, and ‘Easy Link’ style products, expanding the application scenarios of carbon dioxide analysis equipment. Based on customer needs, we continued to develop medical respiratory peripheral products, such as high-flow nasal cannulas, heated pipelines, sampling/oxygen tubes, etc.

Quality Control

  • Capnomed Medical Quality Control

    Quality assurance is fundamental to the development of a manufacturing enterprise. We have chosen to maximize quality assurance in the ‘quality-efficiency-cost’ impossible triangle. All internal actions of the company are carried out within the framework of quality. The feedback from years of practice and customers has further strengthened our choice.

We follow what is clear, excel in our work, adhere to our path, and devote ourselves to our cause.

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